If you are facing challenges in Germany, Spain or Sweden

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT with an intercultural touch

We are mostly active as interim manager or external consultants, when the mastery of the different languages ​​as well as the longstanding understanding of the cultural differences between people helps our customers to establish their companies, services and products in the most effective and sustainable way.
Market Entry

You plan to expand you activities to either Germany, Sweden or Spain? You don’t speak the language? You are not sure about the cultural differences? Have you tested if there is a need and acceptance for your product or service? We assist you “hands on” and will lead you to take the right decisions in order to avoid Start-up problems.

Projekt Management

You need assistance in the development of a project? Languages and knowledge of cultural differences can be crucial in order to achieve successful, cost effective and sustainable results. We help you understand and make sure you’ll be understood!

Business Development

You want to reach and convince new target groups? You want to expand your business in your existing foreign markets? Do you build your business around customer needs? The right marketing and advertising strategies need to be identified, created, executed, tested and adjusted. We would be more than happy to assist you.

Intercultural Lean

Your team talks with each other but do they understand each other? Even if they use the same language – often english – it doesn’t mean they are totally on the same page. Do not let guessing navigate your business activities. You need to test and adjust nearly ALL in order to succeed. By understanding the cultural differences you will be able to reach your targets.

Combined international expertise

15 years Germany (Aviation Tech, Marketing & Advertising, PR)
15 years Spain (Hospitality, Tourism, Real Estate Development)
6 years Sweden (EU-Patents, International Trade, Amazon, Education, Mentorships)
Thomas Marx
Thomas Marx

Business Development
Project Management
Marketing & Advertising
Lean Customer Development
Mentor, Coach and Pedagog
Thomas is a successful and creative entrepreneur with extensive knowledge and capabilities in field of business and project development, Start-ups, Commercial Real Estate, Tourism Management, Marketing and Sales with extensive international experience, intercultural competence and a communicator fluent in four languages (Swedish, English, German, Spanish).

Throughout the years we have worked for companies and organisations like e.g. Deutsche Lufthansa Technik, Glaxo/Wellcome, Marriott, Amadeus Immobilien, BMC Hotels, Vadingo, Direct Validation, Knivsta Kommun, Alina Service and many others.